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HOLY #$%* I saved DC's reboot....kinda

DC, if you want fans to flock to your reboot you listen and you listen well,

Give Barbara Gordon her chance to fly again, fine. Some fans talk about comic characters like they are flesh and blood and complain about their treatment. If you could roll back time and help them you would, deny it all you want but you would. So fine, for now Babs can feel the wind rushing towards her as she swings through Gotham.

Stephanie Brown. If you're going to roll back the clock, I want my Spoiler back. Love her as Batgirl but honestly I would love her as the Purple Beetle because Steph is the draw. Spoiler just makes the most sense (I <3 Spoiler/Steph).

Cassandra Cain. The best Batgirl by far; scary, skilled, and the only female DC character I wouldn't want to piss off or meet in a dark alley...next to Lady Shiva Woosan but hell she's Cass's mom for chrissakes!

Steph and Cass. Imagine if you will; Steph had to stop her father without Batman and Robin giving a hand. She manages but barely. No Robin the next time her father gets out of prison and instead meets a girl who's living on the street. Whom, while Spoiler has her hands full in a one on one with The Baffler/Headbanger, comes out and drops him like he was nothing. Steph offers friendship and the two form a strange partnership. The two meet up every night to patrol, Steph brings the theatrics and fun, Cass brings the skill. Cassandra picks Batman as her symbol and Steph sews her something that's a little better than the rags Cass threw together (If she needs a name it will be Batgirl). The girls learn from each other, obviously. The daughters of criminals and killers, united to fight their genes and upbringing.

Gotham Daughters

Let's paint a scene:

Stephanie has Cass come to her home for the first time. Crystal, Steph's mom, is passed out on the couch in a painkiller coma. Steph makes a face of disgust at her mother's weakness. Cassandra stands next to Crystal for a moment before kneeling down and placing her face to the side of Crystal's. Stephanie, watching this for a moment realized her new friend may not have a mother to come home to and that Steph should be happy having anything. Steph comes over to the two and pulls a blanket over her mother.

Helena Bertinelli aka Huntress, can be one of Steph's teachers and the adult for the girls. Whether they listen to her all the time or not, we'll see. However a teacher giving assistance to a girl who has no speech may be the right way to go for Cassandra. Also, another daughter of crime.

Of course we cannot forget Thomkins Clinic.

This story writes itself. DC do not pass up this opportunity to keep and make piles of readers for your reboot.

DC Goes Back To The Beginning...sort of.

June 6th, online reading random stuff to unwind from a hard days work.

Hit up DC's webpage and check the news. Now I'm not happy.

Some articles are talkn' about Barbara Gordon becoming Batgirl again this September. This doesn't mesh too well with me because obviously I'm top five for being a Stephanie Brown fan. I read and read, soon it becomes apparent that most people - A: are not as concerned for Steph as me, B: rather not see Babs back in bat-tights. All the good arguments are there; losing one of the only differently abled heroes of DC, Batgirl is a demotion from Oracle, and so on. Steph mentioned only in conjunction with Cassandra as completely written out with no mention of future status.

Then I read what wasn't being said. It's pretty easy if you ever attend a DC panel at a Con. Some bigwig asks a question about what fans want to see for a character, responds to the ridiculous suggestions but oddly no response for the decent ideas. ex. "If Bruce Wayne comes back as Batman, what should we do with Dick Grayson?". Hand up, response and answer, a suggestion of Dick remaining as Batman but on the JLA and Bruce sticks to Gotham... no response from the bigwig. A few months later Batman Inc. is revealed. Didio, in remarking Dick as Batman said that Nightwing wasn't a good Batman family name because it's a Superman name and yet he's back again as Nightwing, hmmm. DC muckymucks are always working months ahead of the fans and have to watch their mouths when grilled at a Con.

So take this and apply it to Flashpoint, the reason everything will change in September. Even though the world that Barry Allen and Booster Gold are stuck in is not like the September continuity. Does this mean that they fail to save the universe and create a new one by accident, one where Barbara is younger and thus still Batgirl (never retired, shot, wheelchair bound, or Oracle).... maybe. Gail Simone has been quoted that Babs will never put on tights again, then recently remarking how obvious it is that Babs is the only Batgirl and she looks forward to writing the stories. Everything said in interviews is coached and controlled, helps make more money for the company. ex. All-Star Superman Movie, they knew it was terrible long before its release, so in interviews they kept saying that the comic was such a big story and getting it down to movie length was difficult. Thus covering their asses when everyone complains AFTER buying it. Read what is not said and how it's not said. DC feeds us scraps, it's up to us to sift through it.
Most of these 52 'first issue' books will fail and be canceled, it's inevitable, comics are like that. I believe DC is going to try this overhaul for a short while, if it catches they'll continue, if it fails they'll write a story about our current heroes fighting their way back. Stephanie lost a month of her title for The Road Home storyline. Why not a few months for DC to play their little reboot game? They may say it's permanent but I think it's all bogus. Get the fans up in arms because as I've said controversy keeps people talking and you need to read to have relevant things to say.

All that said, if Steph or Cass are written out terribly or just plain forgotten in this new world... I'll be pissed. I subscribe to one comic and that is the CURRENT Batgirl series, if Steph isn't in the new one I'll not be buying it. Plain and simple. However all you StephVoice fans can rejoice because I will be making more videos just so I can have my Steph fix.
First let me share my raised eyebrow about Dustin Nguyen being the new artist of my fav Stephy book. Considering that I haven't seen much of his work or rather unsure of how much I've seen (I read lots of DC titles, LOTS). Most recently would be the main and back-up features of Streets of Gotham. My initial impression is that Nguyen is a noir kind of artist, lots of emphasis on the darker emotions. So of course I'm a little worried that he can pull of our favorite Gotham daughter - little Miss HavingFunAndKickingButt... Stephanie Brown a.k.a. BATGIRL!

The cover

Stephanie all heroic and awesome standing on the rooftop of a building. If you look reeeeeaaallly carefully you can see her saying her favorite line "I'm Batgirl". In water colours no less. Dustin Nguyen my man, this is a good start.

Pages 1 through 3 and then 4

Stephanie explains the Batman family to new recruit Wendy Harris (a supervillians daughter fyi... Steph fans know why this is important). Giving up everyones secret identities in the process. Truthfully though, anyone with a lick of intelligence could've figured them out faster than Vicky Vale. Anyway, cute drawings of (almost) everyone, a throwback to the fun Steph had with Damian and a complete lack of Cass *grumble*... ends with Wendy next to Babs hanging in the Batgirl-Cave <-- better than "Firewall". Wendy mentioning that Steph could have just said the bat-story was "complicated".
Overall a cute bunch of pages that will probably be spun off into its own Tiny Bats comic. As well an excellent opportunity for D.Nguyen to show his light and fluffy side.

Pages 5 and 6

Our dear girl spacing out during her study group to the level of bringing her crimefighting backpack to school and not the... well.. you know... study one. Jordanna brings up actions having consequences thus offering long time Spoiler readers something to facepalm about. Just as Steph finishes her inner monologue about wishing they offered Costumed Crimefighting 101 at GCU - something that she'd actually be good at - a student books it past the study hall yelling for help. To which our heroine says she needs to use the ladies'room. Only Jordanna comments on how weird that looked.

Page 7

Newton talks to himself, that's how first time readers learn his name (clever Miller lol!). He's surrounded by the towns people from Hot Fuzz, who tell him he's to join them or die. They are a talkative bunch. "The greater good" d('.'d)

Page 8

Batgirl is walking on sunshine whoa oh! Actually it's the faces of of Newton's attackers. This full page spread shows me exactly why I adore this young lady.

Page 9 and 10

Kicking butt and showing off her deductive skills. Figures one of them is a history major because he's quoting Ben Franklin and another is an English major due to his use of "HA" when taking a swing at her. Susses out the leader because he tells his homies to clam up. Gets a cudos from Oracle for her honed detective skills. Steph decides not to dig too deep into where her mentor was for the past while, probably grown-up business. Newton makes a run for it in all the commotion. Out of nowhere a shot is fired and a cloaked thug hits the ground. Steph takes one look and would've facepalmed so hard if I was the one writing this story.

Page 11

The Grey &*%# Ghost!!! Hallelujah Brother!! and he's packin' heat. Which, by the very next panel is rendered disabled. "Zero training and all the finess of a dump truck" to quote Batgirl who btw is the former Spoiler. *sniff* our little girl is all grown up and is able to call others amateurs, I'm so proud. The Grey Ghost assures her that he used only rubber shot because he knew she would not approve of lethal force. Oracle cracks his identity like that... (I snapped my fingers btw).

Page 12

Johnny C is GG. The guy that planned to blow away a train full of Gothamites and got a whoopin' from Batgirl. He learned his mistake and also his love for purple bats. So Steph does the only reasonable thing; that while he's helping fight the bad guys, she kicks him in the face and says "Batgirl don't need no sidekick".

Page 13

"Until we meet again, Batgirl... Beware The Grew Ghost" *PANF*!! He disappears in a blinding and rather dramatic flash of light. Steph compares this goofball to her time as the Spoiler and asks Oracle if that is why everyone hated her back then. Oracle will lie to her face later. I don't remember when Spoiler was ever acting like a dingus, she was never a campy annoying hero.
Maybe I just don't like the comment that EVERYONE hated Spoiler. Even hate is inaccurate. I'll settle for disapproved of, but that is it. I would be buying a Spoiler comic if that is who Steph was dressed as. Steph is my hero not the costume (honestly lovin'Batgirl, dug Girl Robin, Spoiler was family)

Page 14

Newton is cornered on a...rooftop. When people are trying to kill you: the first place you should go is up high, out of sight, alone.... oooorrr you could.. say.. go anywhere public on the ground level or hey maybe a study hall 'cause there are usually people on CAMPUS in those rooms. Anyway, clutching a flash drive, terrified, imminent death, but still rather not join the gang. Hmmm, what could be worse than death?

Page 15

Street Pizza. St. Nick is on the case. Would have been suicide if not for the flashdrive's chain leaving a mark when it was ripped away.

Page 16

Gage and Barb talk and do very little in the way of flirting. Yes, I know it would be inappropriate over a dead student but there was no tension even hinted at. I believe Miller is giving Nick to Steph. Barbara mentions guys in robes to Gage and he gets all weird and walks off. Some evidence shows up dun dun dun a batarang with Newton's blood on it. Uh oh I don't like where this is going.

Page 17 and 18

Stephanie blames herself for Newton's death, as in her inability to save him I mean. Crystal (Steph's Mom) hopes that her daughter would talk to her about any stress she's having with University. Steph reassures by pointing out her B average grades that have been lovingly put up on the fridge. Crystal suggests they move and get a new start away from Craptown'Gotham, Steph says NO by spitting juice everywhere. She says that moving would mess up her new chapter in life...University(Batgirl). Hugs and happy.

Page 19

Wendy goes all Skywalker on a floaty ball. Oracle has little to no news. Coins the term "Reaper" for the cloaked attackers (issue 16 review thanks you)

Page 20

Batgirl sees the Bat-signal and decides to see what the big kids are up to. This is the second time this issue that she refers to herself as less of a grown up compared to other heroes. Is it impossible to be happy and hopeful AND an adult. Therefor if you still have fun and enjoy life you are not qualified to be taken seriously as an adult. Unless I'm ranting and she just meant that the other Bat-Crew have seniority.

Page 21

Wendy and Babs see something on the news. Oracle tells Batgirl to return to base NOW NOW NOW NOW! Steph doesn't want to waste the trip swinging across town. The sound of many firearms being readied. Oh joy.

Page 22

Guess who is under arrest for killing the son of a retired Gotham City police officer? Go on guess.

Dustin Nguyen I will keep you and add you to my very elite list of artists I dig.

I write this review because I don't have a twitter account and miss the good old days of saying awesome things about my favorite comic character of all time on a LJ that had just as much to say as I did, if not more.

Nev, I miss your insights into this new Batgirl series. You said everything I was thinking thus making it so I didn't have to write it. My hands hurt :P

Huntress and her Costume

I haven't done tons of research, what I mean is I haven't re-read everything that had Helena wearing her "fail-bikini". What I have read was the entire Cataclysm and No Mans Land story arcs. This was back in the days of her dark purple blue outfit that covered her from head to toe except for her hair and mouth. During this arc, Gotham went through two winters. This meant that Huntress was appropriately covered in cold weather. My question is this - Since the introduction of the "fail-bikini" has there been less winters for Helena?

I also noticed that every costumed hero in No Mans Land were wearing costumed that covered the whole body - of course Robin still had the short sleeves and Azrael got his new armour that exposed his hair and mouth (funny thing, that is when he gets fire bombed and burns off his hair and cooks his face, considering that he used to have fire coming out of his gauntlets this is humorous).

So I guess we'll just see if this new Birds of Prey monthly will try to work in some winters to force Huntress to wear appropriate coverings for a non-powered hero.
Ideas Plans Worries HOOWAAH!

Idea - Give Steph a Spoiler of her own. I know, I know, how can a relatively new Batgirl handle a young teenage sidekick that is impulsive and wont quit..... but that's the fun isn't it. Steph would never tell this new girl to quit; she would encourage and train the high holy hell outta that young whipper-snapper. For two main reasons I figure: one, Steph would have benefitted so much if Robin, Batman, huntress, Oracle, Black Canary, Catwoman, Nightwing even - gave two shits about her and trained her properly from the beginning (Barbara Gordon's year one is a slap in the face to Spoiler fans as far as I'm concerned... still a good read tho :). Two, Steph will worry that this new girl will eventually and accidentially incite a city wide gang war just to try and impress all the above mentioned heroes or something to that effect (I don't know maybe even die to help progress a male character's story but still be forgotten...NO I AM NOT BITTER! better as hell not be Damian's GRRR SMOLDER GRRR). Ooh, ooh and we can make her Electrocusioner's daughter so she can be a brunette and on shaky terms with the Arrow-family and have a mild connection to Steph's past. AT LEAST just make her brunette, you know, to get DC to mix it up a bit in regards to blonds. Better yet, she's Young EL's little sister <- that would be soooooo coooooool.

Plans - A youtube video is in the works and should be filmed in May once our ninja finishes his exams for college. The temperature at night is still wicked cold too. Damn you CANADA! Naw I love ya, ya big galoot :D

Worries - they better not just hand up Steph to Wendy so Barbara doesn't have to split her time between Birds and Batgirl. The idea that Babs is overseeing the training and guidance of a new Batgirl is important and should not be messed with for at least a few years and then I would be open to the idea that Steph and Wendy are buds who watch eachothers back because all the grown-ups think they're not good enough to save the universe when a new crisis is upon the DCU. Whooo, that was a long sentance. Caffine is a hell of a drug lolololololololol :D
Otherwise loving the BAJEESUS outta the new Batgirl. Oh yeah, and Cass had better come back to challenge Steph for the costume, not because she wants it but because she wants Steph to be worthy of it. Then let Cass come back as a Batgirl, Batwarrior, Shiva 2, whatever, and they team up tons. Then have Bette be a pain calling herself Bat-Girl. Then have all three being bat-sisters taking on organized crime together, like that DCAU movie "Mystery of the Batwomen".

HOOOOOWAAAAAH! - Screw you spellcheck, muhhahahahahahahaha!

Batgirl vs. The Web (not really though ;)

The Web. A new vigilante out for vengence. Bit of a knob though. Guy wants to save the world but first wants to bring the murderer of his brother to justice. Sets up a website offering his services to save anyone who needs it. Problem is - too many people wanted help and thus he has far less time to deal with his brother's murder. So he does what any rich supersuit wearing hero would do: outsource. He gives out hundreds of military grade flying power suits to anyone who wants to be a hero (Web Hosts), without doing any background checks at all. Ends up causing trouble on a worldwide scale but doesn't care much, as long as there is someone else out there fighting "crime".

In the DCU there is no way to become an internet based superhero without drawing the attention of Oracle. She is someone you never - I repeat - never want to cross. Having Barbara Gordon as an enemy is enough to make supervillians wet the bed. So Babs sends her new protege to tail this new hero on the block. Once Oracle gathered enough intel on The Web, she sent Batgirl to make contact. He's cocky, an ass, and a moron. He's not concerned about getting the negative attention of the JLA, much less Oracle (of whom he's never heard of before, lol... The Web, might as well call yourself Google). He proposes a deal, he'll reign in his Web Hosts and get them organized and she'll help him find his brother's killer. Batgirl is all for hitting him again but Oracle concedes, planning to keep tabs on him with spyware.

This is a great story that shows how well Steph and Babs work together. Like Batman and Robin, Oracle and Batgirl are a team that have eachothers back. I'd go so far as to say they have a symbiotic relationship, each supplies something for the other. The Web #3 shows us what to expect from the Batgirl series in the future. I'm excited to keep reading.
Pick up Batgirl Year One and you'll see some remarkable similarities between our two ladies. For that matter check out The Web, yes I ragged on him but I like the change of pace with him, he isn't your usual hero and that is very interesting. That and he doesn't fear the JLA, misguided but cool.

Peace out.
I was just checking out the DC Comics Message Board and reading the Batgirl forums.  The prevailing gripes are towards - Miller's writing, Steph's promotion, Gotham's "Blue Sky", Cass's OOC retirement, and Barbara's many issues.  There are more I'm sure but after a while it just turns into Geeks At War and I can't stop laughing.  The only war that requires no one to be rude but give Mr. or Ms. Anonymous a computer and watch out because it's about to get REAL...

Today I'll focus on Babs.  Have to love her.  There is no way around the fact that she is amazing.  Becomes Batgirl because she saved a billionair's life while wearing a homemade Batman costume to a party.  Batman didn't like it at first but came around and let her join the crew.  For a few years she is active as Batgirl but retires (I still don't know why but I figure in that line of business you'd rather quit while you still have your life then just be another dead cape).  Unfortunetly due to who her Father is (or is that Uncle),  the Joker comes to their house; shoots her in the spine, removes her clothes, takes naked pictures of her, kidnaps her Father, and leaves her to die.  She is saved only to find out she is paralyzed from the waist down.  She was down in the dumps for a while and gets into computers.  If you're going to sit around at home, you might as well put your brain to good use.  Figures she is really good with computers and decides to wear the mask of a hacker and go by the name Oracle. 
Since then she has been the information powerhouse within The Birds of Prey, JLA, Outsiders.  Worked along side Batman, Robin, Nightwing, Huntress, Black Canary, Manhunter, Batgirl (Cassandra), Catwoman, Arael, Power Girl (In case you didn't notice, I read more Bat-titles than anything else).

As for this new Batgirl series.  Everyone has an opinion, some valid, some silly.  A big one is that Babs has been demoted to some kind of mentor to Stephanie Brown.  It seems to me that she has never mentored before.  With Cass it was more point her in the right direction and be done with it.  Cass was more Batman's protege than Barbara's.  Babs has never had someone she could impart her knowledge of crimefighting on and (heaven forbid) should she die, there will be no one out there with her teachings.  So in the long run it is good that someone (especially Steph who needs the guidence anyway) gets taught by the former Batgirl.  What can Steph give to Barb, a first student, one that she can learn how to be a teacher with. 
Besides, The series is called Batgirl, that doesn't just have to mean Steph.  Barbara is just as much Batgirl, just less bouncy and way more experienced.  It could almost be seen as Batman training a Batboy.  The intention is to pass on all their knowledge to the next generation.  Please don't kill me Cass fans but... Cass does not need fighting pointers and being a part of the League of Assasins makes her very knowledgable in crimefighting.  Cassandra Cain needs nothing from Barbara.  Cassandra can take up her own mantle now.  Barbara Gordon fans... please don't kill me but... She's almost thirty, to become Batgirl would just be awkward and other characters would raise an eyebrow to that.  The new Batwoman is doing very well and has the name of the original Kate Kane, so she won't be going anywhere.  Do we want Babs out of the chair?  Sure, with limitation though.  It would be an interesting human development story that Barbara gradually gets more feeling and movement out of her legs.  The Bat-universe is good because they don't just ask Dr. Fate to heal everyone.  They fight their way out of their problems.  I still to this day hated the fact that Cassandra got touched in the brain by a metahuman and all of a sudden could think in English.  The only way to make Babs Batgirl would be to de-age her and heal her atophied legs.  Then we would have to de-age Grayson because we have to have them all lovey-dovey again.  Then we would have to de-age Bruce or he would look like some kind of grandpa compared to all the kids running around.  Do you see where that is going?  Everyone who read comics 30 years ago will be happy and no one else.

Stephanie is a great choice.  I say this, even while sad that I lose Spoiler.  A university attending character who costume crimefights with a criminal for a Father and a dark past of terrible mistakes.  That is a story I can get behind.  I wouldn't if Babs had nothing to do with it, that would seem wrong and a poke in the eye to the real DC fans.


Batgirl #3 (some little spoilers)

I like it, I really like it.  Then again I've had no issues with these new Batgirl issues... other than the suggestion that Steph can't sew.  Did anyone find it weird that on the computer screen that Babs was using to monitor Steph's battle with Scarecrow - it showed Spoiler fighting Batgirl.  Babs should just see Scarecrow and Batgirl, hmm.

The art is good, the writer has so far proved himself competent.  The new costume REALLY needs to put away that hair.  Otherwise, I do think we have a winner here.  Now onto team-ups: Batwoman, Bette Kane, Huntress, Manhunter, Damian, Cassandra (in her new guise), Azrael (I mean come on - I made that Youtube video for a reason).

Is it wrong that all morning long yesterday, I was bouncing up and down going nuts waiting for this new issue of Batgirl?  I have a feeling I'll have to take prescription meds to hold me down until next month's issue.

Good Times :)

I told someone that 2009 would be the year of The Spoiler.  I was close: It was the year of Stephanie Brown.  Hooray for all her fans!

Batman and Robin

Short and whatever...

I like B&R for a few reasons:  Both Damian and Dick are new to their roles, therefore there will be more discussion about rules of engagement.  Damian has attitude that was lacking in the bat-family (that is also his downfall...).  The art is killer and the enemies are fresh with an old story feel.  It's dark and bloody, just what an adult comic reader wants.

I dislike it because:  Damian can block Grayson while blind but has trouble taking down a girl who just recently started being a villian and got super good overnight btw.  If the Red Hood is Jason (I did read the current issue, I'm just not convinced), they made him a redhead with acne.  Can anyone say 'trying too hard', the writers are trying to make Jason more pathetic and a redheaded step-child to boot.  Flying batmobile that Ted Kord would sue for patent infringement if he were still alive.

A good story but some bad details.


Cassandra Cain... OMG I got an idea!!

Okay, okay, okay, here goes...

Bruce Wayne dies
Cassandra cries
Steph's all a pleather

Cassandra flies
Away from eyes
Becomes something better.

Alright, that was spontaineous and not planned for this post.  Now on to what I thought up:

Cassandra goes on a soul searching mission that in some ways mirrors Bruce's pre-Batman world tour.  She comes to terms with losing a father that she cared for and reflects on whether or not she should continue his legacy.  Cass ends up hanging with her mother, hearing stories of when The Destroyer of Worlds and Batman clashed (battles of both body and mind).  Eventually they part ways and Cass borrows the mask of the tengu as a souvenier of her mother.  While passing through a small town she sees some folks getting attacked by muggers.  Because she doesn't want her description given to police and eventually found by Babs, she puts on the Tengu mask and makes short work of the criminals.  Unfortunetly in this part of the world many schools of martial arts have eyes and ears out for The Destroyer of Worlds and Cass now finds herself under constant attack.  Regardless, Cass continues her journey and finds an old monestary deep in the mountains of Wherever.  The monks are well trained, peaceful and have no interest in fighting Cassandra.  They have an ancient suit of armour (that has no powers at all, this is not a rip of Azrael, okay), it belonged to a great warrior that protected the lands durring the dark ages.  It is said that this warrior travelled the land, never staying in one place, helping where needed then vanishing.  A nomadic, ronin warrior.  It said in the scrolls he had no master except his image for security for all those who lived in his domain.  He doned the image of a demon in the hopes that superstition would keep enemies away.  On his armour however he honored those that gave him life and those that trained him by wearing their crests or symbols.  Cassandra drew many similarities between this warrior and Bruce, except for the honor to family and teachers.
The martial artists that have been following her ended up at the monestary.  The monks held their ground but the attackers do not care about honor when defeating people who are not the Destroyer.  So they opened up with automatic weapons.  Many monks were wounded but none surprisingly were killed.  When the smoke cleared, Cassandra is seen wearing her mother's mask, a bat-symbol in blood on her chest, and two monks held by the back of their collars one in each hand.  The blood is from a flesh wound on her shoulder.  She quickly dispatches all the attackers.  
She knows now that she is to become more than just a symbol for Bruce but someone who respects all aspects of who she is.  

Daughter of Shiva - the most feared fighter in the world, Cassandra takes the image of her mother: the Tengu.
Daughter of Cain -   the most fearful assasin and trainer in the world, Cassandra takes his training: the way of seeing.
Daughter of Batman - the most respected and feared hero in the world, Cassandra takes his crest: The Bat.

Now to anyone who reads this I ask you, if Cassandra is all that, is being Batgirl enough?  Does she not deserve her own image?  What would you have her look like?

I would like to see what people come up with.